As our chapter continues to grow, so does our need for experienced Road Captains. First of all, let me state that this does not take an extraordinary amount of time. It is however, a very positive and rewarding way to contribute to the fun and enjoyment of Chapter rides… Here’s how the process works.

We ask that you lead a few rides to ensure that you are comfortable with the duties. If it all works out, come join us and be a ride leader. To get the ball rolling, find an available weekend date on the calendar… Or some weekday to plan a dinner ride. Think of somewhere you’d like to take a group. Send me your ideas. You will need to lay out a route that is safe and has ample comfort breaks. If this is a route new to you, we ask that you pre-ride the route to ensure your route directions and to check on the road conditions.

Before the ride, we ask that you bring a sign in sheet and be prepared to offer a pre-ride meeting that describes the route, where we’re going to stop and any special conditions we may encounter on the ride. In addition, at these meetings we always review safety items and proper hand signals.

If you are interested in contributing to the Chapter in this way, please contact me. I especially wish to encourage our excellent women riders to come join us.

For those who are current Road Captains, we ask that you plan and lead at least 2 rides, following the guidelines above, per year to maintain the position.

Lastly, rest assured that we will help you with anything that you’re not sure of, or comfortable with. Click below for more information,