Primary Responsibilities of

the Folsom H.O.G. Chapter Officers

The following duties are a summary of the essential functions of each Officer.
This does not contain each step, process, or procedure.  For clarification, contact the H.O.G. Director

Upholds the National H.O.G. Charter, conducts Chapter meetings, coordinates and oversees Chapter officer responsibilities.  Is the primary point of contact with the Folsom Harley-Davidson Dealership on all matters pertaining to the business and running of the Chapter.  Reviews/approves financial documents on a monthly basis as provided by the Treasurer.  Approves Chapter communications, such as the monthly newsletter and flyers promoting Folsom H.O.G. and events. Provides timely communication to the Chapter on Dealership events, sales, rides and promotions.  Encourages participation from the Dealership as needed for raffle prizes, support and goodwill. Promotes goodwill among the membership.  Appoints and oversees sub-committees as needed.

Assistant Director:
Assists the Director in carrying out the duties as described above. Responsible for promoting membership, membership orientation, membership retention, and keeps Chapter members informed of H.O.G. programs.  Acts in the absence of the Director in Chapter meetings.

Responsible for collection and disbursement of Chapter funds, reports financial transactions on a monthly basis in advance of Chapter meetings to Director; provides financial updates to the Chapter during meetings; and maintains compliance with all financial recording and reporting requirements.

Responsible for administering and maintaining meeting minutes and annual reports.  Reconciles membership reports with on-line; ensures Folsom H.O.G. is covered by appropriate insurance and legal documentation for event releases, and enrollment releases; and creates sign-in sheets for General and Board Meetings. Is back-up to Membership Officer for providing sign-in sheets during H.O.G. meetings.

Activities Officer:
Coordinates the planning and administration of Chapter events. Maintains activities calendar and ensures it is current.  Generates weekly e-mails to members on upcoming rides and events.  At the request of the Membership Officer, adds new and deletes expired members from the weekly e-mail blasts.  Posts information from Road Captains and ride leaders regarding upcoming rides onto the Folsom H.O.G. calendar; creates link for electronic sign-ups. Requests approval from the Director/Board prior to posting activities other than sponsored H.O.G. rides/events to the calendar.

Membership Officer:
Assists in membership recruitment.  Maintains membership roster by adding and deleting memberships.  Provides membership count at Chapter meetings.  Establishes initial contact with new members via e-mail to provide goodwill and information on member resources. Provides names/contact information to the Director, Activities Officer (for e-mail blasts), Webmaster (to set up membership access), and Points Coordinator (to establish Points account).   Notifies expiring members 30 days in advance of expiring National Memberships and notifies the affected member when they have been removed from the roster, with a copy to the Director, Activities Officer, and Webmaster. Assists the Chapter secretary with membership duties; submits checks and cash from membership dues collected as soon as reasonably possible to the Treasurer; and provides electronic version of membership roster to Primary Board Members, Webmaster, and Points Coordinator.  Creates sign-in sheets for Chapter meetings (Secretary is back-up).

Safety Officer:
Provides Chapter members with information relating to the availability of rider training.

Assistant Shop Liaison:
During the Folsom H.O.G. Meetings, informs the Chapter Membership of Sales, Events and other items of interest as it pertains to the Folsom Harley-Davidson Dealership.  Maintains designated the Folsom H.O.G. areas located at the dealership so that photos and memorabilia are current, pleasing to the eye, and/or interesting.

Assemble and organize all forms of Chapter communications. Ensures all forms of Chapter communications are approved by the Director before publication or distribution.  Coordinates and edits articles submitted for publication in the HOGwash newsletter.

Prepare and maintain a summarized account of significant occurrences impacting the Chapter.  Create comprehensive documentation regarding significant decisions made by the Board, document successes and/or resolved issues with an impact on the policies and processes of the Folsom H.O.G.  The intent is to provide members with a historical account of the continuous improvements of the Folsom H.O.G.  Historical documents will be reviewed and approved by the Director and provided to incoming Board Members during the annual transition meeting.

Ladies of Harley Officer:
Hold LOH meetings and coordinate regular LOH activities.  LOH activities are typically open to both male and female participants with a primary focus on encouraging women members to take an active part in Chapter activities.

Merchandise Officer:
Order and distribute Chapter patches and T-shirts at Chapter meetings and other events.

Obtain and organize Chapter images for use in Chapter communications and Chapter history.  General photo opportunities include, Officers, new members, annual group photos, and rides and event photos.

Points Coordinator:
Responsible for the maintenance of Folsom H.O.G. Membership Participation Point Program.  Provides records of points earned to individual members upon request for reconciliation of their personal account only.  Provides reports to the Director, Assistant Director, Secretary and Membership Officer as needed.  At the request of the Membership Officer, adds/deletes members eligible for participation points.

Head Road Captain: 
Encourages recruitment of Road Captains.  Provides guidance in best practices for Road Captains and ride leaders; develops and/or oversees the H.O.G. sponsored ride routes; oversees the coordination and planning of Chapter rides with Road Captains, Sweeps, Ride Leaders and the Safety Officer; coordinates monthly New Member Rides; and holds Road Captain meetings as needed.

Raffle Coordinator:  
Coordinate and encourage raffle donations to the Chapter for the purpose of raising funds for Chapter business.  Raffles are held during General Meetings.

Sergeant of Arms
Maintains order during Chapter Meetings; and keeps track of time during Board/General meetings for prompt start/stop times. Special characteristics: Must be willing to take a bullet for the Director.

Assembles and organizes material for the Chapter web site, social media sites, and obtains approval from the Director prior to publication. Chapter web site and social media sites must comply with the H.O.G.® Chapter Internet Guidelines. Adds and deletes members to the Members Only area of the Folsom H.O.G. Website.  Notifies new members of Members only access.