Does history repeat itself? Can you see yourself in this shot from the Folsom HOG ride event to the IRONSTONE WINERY on June 6, 2010. Or maybe you see someone you know. It’s amazing how things change in ten years. 

The Folsom H.O.G. Chapter has reset the date
for the 2020 COVID 19 Breaking Out Ride.

October 3, 2020

More details to follow…

Throughout the world, Harley-Davidson unites people deeply, passionately and authentically. From town to town and country to country, H-D’s ideals of freedom and self-expression transcend cultures, gender and age. Being recognized as an iconic brand is gratifying, but igniting the fire within people on the many roads in California is what we are all about. The quest of the Folsom H.O.G. Chapter is to build the next generation of riders. Folsom H.O.G. welcomes all who share these values and a desire to join us on a ride, and at our monthly meetings, to enjoy the Sierra Nevada Mountains on a motorcycle. We want to share the personal freedom you get from riding behind the handlebars of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.